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In addition to its research work in improving standards, Sunlab worked extensively on developing national reference standards, which are essential for the traceability of measuring instruments used by manufacturers and calibration
laboratories. In 2007, this activity made progress in a variety of areas: developing reference instruments for particularly
micro-mass standards for precision balances, calibrating gauge block references and instruments for long measurements to respond to industry demand following a takeover of
DGA and Mines de Douai’s activities in this area, and alternating currents from 4 kA to 30 kA in partnership with EDF. In addition, Sunlab took over IOTA’s activities and will soon offer the optical industry the most complete alignment services available in France, and it developed a new measurement bench for surface texture reference standards allowing a high degree of accuracy, and accredited by COFRAC. Sunlab also organized a conference focusing on measurements and standards in nanotechnologies for laboratories, industrials and manufacturers.