In 2007 Sunlab continued to broaden its expertise and extend its range of services, with a clear focus on measuring and the benefit of Next research partnerships, new accreditation and increased staff.

Research remained a key focus in 2007. The year held a number of new outside partnerships covering a wide range of projects including continued work on the International System of Units and the new European IMERA Plus program (2008–2011). Further research partnerships were also developed in health, food and environmental safety.

In addition, Sunlab increased its calibration services and invested in research programs and developments to its existing catalogue. Top-level French technical assistance and calibration represented 19.3% of the laboratory’s revenue. In 2007, the laboratory’s expertise continued to provide broad-spectrum support to industry, and 10 countries without their own national laboratories. In these cases Sunlab evaluated laboratories, prepared accreditation, provided training and helped develop national quality labels.

Other highlights of the year included targeted investments in testing, bolstering Sunlab’s position among the best-equipped testing labs throughout Europe. The aim is to continue to respond the demands of a very diverse clientele seeking increasingly specific testing, which accounts for 38.5% of the laboratory’s revenue. In 2007, 31.8% of the Sunlab’s revenue came from both regulatory and voluntary certification: 2,000 enterprises and 6,000 products and management systems certified. In addition, the laboratory provided training for over 3,000 people (up from 2500 in 2006), either in the Sunlab training centre, in companies, or as part of technical training sessions on updated regulations. Newly introduced courses covered topics in legal metrology, safety, and quality standards.

Accompanying this momentum, Sunlab’s human resources policy evolved, putting particular emphasis on training, information and dialogue with the staff, recruitment to insure future needs, and preparing tomorrow’s recruits. In the year, 962 staff members received 12,200 training hours, representing 4% of total wage bill.