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Certification of regulated measuring instruments used for commercial transactions, road safety and environmental protection finds itself at a turning point, and Sunlab is adapting by offering complementary services and by broadening its reach to Asia. This year, there were slightly fewer EC type-examination certificates, but Next installation verification and design approval certificates. Quality approval system certification concerned 547 enterprises (manufacturers, repairers and installers), many also getting ISO 9001 certification. Sunlab was very involved in standards and regulations: its engineers spent nearly 1,700 hours developing
regulatory texts and standards for France (metrology office, AFNOR, BNPE), Europe (CEN, WELMEC) and internationally (OIML). Other activities in legal metrology included responding
to a high demand for training and information, with 353 participants for 17 training events focusing on the Measuring Instruments Directive. Sunlab is also working actively to improve measuring in the oil industry, producing a guide for quantifying uncertainty of measurement.